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19 February 2011

What Happened To Cameron Diaz?!

I was away form the Hollywood Buzz for quite a long time now.  I gotta admit, I follow them more than the local showbiz.  Only because I like to know how they look like and what they wear. 

Since ze husband came home in May 2010 and leaving Feb of 2011, well, that's how long I have not updated myself.  Last night, while I refused to sleep (because I didn't want to lay down on the bed and think about ze Love Of My Life), I browsed thru some of the Hollywood gossip websites and found these sad photos of Cameron Diaz

I feel so bad for her.  I mean, it's ideal that you would have the same interests with your partner but it DOES NOT necessarily mean that you will be a totally complete person with him. 
What has gotten into her head to make her think that the current state she is in actually makes her attractive.

This picture looks as if her head has been put on top of another woman's body.  She looks like a body builder than a woman who likes to keep herself fit.

This is too much.  And it is not helping that she looks old already plus her hair is untamed.  Not helping at all.  She looks a bit too manly on this photo.

Tsk tsk tsk..

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