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13 March 2011

82// Flooring

I'm still scared to disclose something here since I know a lot of people I know and probably know my family read this blog.

The reason why I'm scared is because I don't want this purchase revealed.  Ze husband and I want to keep it as a secret until the very end.  We want to surprise shock everyone.  It may not be a very kind idea but the recent turn of events makes us feel really bad--so much that we are so tired of understanding, giving way, having an open mind, keeping quiet, and all that jazz.

Yikes, so early in the morning and I'm harboring negative emotions already. Full stop.

So maybe I can just go back to daydreaming.

I have been thinking, what is a good material for a floor in a small space.
Definitely, wall to wall carpet is something I am not considering, it is so hard to maintain it. Vinyl planks is on the cheaper side but not that long-lasting.  I've witnessed how vinyl gets easily scratched off by the usual home items and reckless helpers who are too lazy to lift chairs and tables when cleaning.  Tile flooring is the next option however, once installed, it is quite hard to replace it after a few years.  It takes a lot of time and hard work and money.  So that is something worth thinking about. 

These things are what's keeping me going every single day.  It's what keeps me motivated and inspired while ze husband is away.
We are looking forward to 2012!

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