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06 March 2011

Change of Plans... (with Globe)

I took the big step of letting go of something so mundane.

The past week, I finally decided to learn how to let go of some things that are really not important.  I'm never good in letting go, in whatever aspect there is.

Goodbye G-text 500.  It has served me well.
Goodbye Mobile surfing plan which is so cheap at Php 149 with free 10 internet hours.


Hello to the all-new Globe postpaid plans.


Naturally, I had to pick the first one. Unlimited call and text to Globe subscribers.
See, my mother and two sisters are on Duo.  I cannot find any reason why I should have a landline number.  Now that I'm on unlimited calls, I can call them up instead of texting especially when we are out of the house.  No more texting San na kayo and wait for the their replies forever.

The unlimited texting is solely for ze husband.  Before with the 500 free text, I pay excess charges as much as Php 300!!! Meaning to say, I send him more or less 800 text messages a month!!

When he's away, I basically tell him everything and every single detail is included.  I like it that way coz I somehow feel I still have him.  When he's here, we always talk for so long.  We never run out thoughts to share, stories to tell.  When he leaves, all of a sudden, I feel mute coz I cannot find somebody I can talk with.  Talk with NOT talk to.

When he has network signal, I am pleased not only because I know they arrived safe in a place but it's also because I can finally have someone I can share my stories.  I don't talk much here at home and I only have less than a handful of people I can share my stories with who I know will not find it boring.

Which reminds me, instead of writing this, I should be texting him. :)

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