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29 March 2011

Fried Rice Virgin

I've mentioned a lot of times that Monica has a big appetite.  Sometimes it's not right anymore that I have to stop her from eating.

What can we do?  This is sort of expected.
Ang nanay at tatay niya mahilig sa kanin.

Ze husband and I are like construction workers.  We eat A LOT of rice.  And that is a fact.

Since a kid, Monica has been showing signs of being obsessive -compulsive or wanting everything to be perfect.

Two examples:
In eating siopao, she only wants to eat the white. The bread.  So you could imagine my happiness when there was Mantao in Chowking.  Once she takes out the bread from the siopao, she has to make sure that there is no sauce at all on the bread.  She won't eat if she sees a tiny speck of sauce on it.

Second, rice.  She wants it really white.  So imagine the challenge when we have Adobo or Mechado for lunch or whatever that has sauce. She does not allow the sauce to touch her rice, it has to be pure white.

Que horror!!

On March 23, 2011
I don't know what has gotten into her but I'm happy about it.  She ate the fried rice I made.
And she had 4 BIG plates.  When I say big, that means 3-4 cups per serving.  Is that not big enough for you?

She is on her 4th BIG plate. Fried rice virgin
I'm really enjoying this app so much

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