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11 March 2011

Just Sharing....

We currently do not have internet connection as of the moment and I am so sure this is not in any way related to that tragic event in Japan experienced today.

It's really just Globe who yet again, decide to annoy and irritate me.  Losing internet connection is something I really cannot bear.  I know, we have lived for so many years without it.  But really, take away radio and television but NOT internet.  It's where I get everything.

Right now, I am on Globe Tattoo.. Hahahaha! Didn't I just say I hated Globe a few sentences back?

Yes, it is safe to assume that I have a love-hate relationship with Globe.  In so many ways, they are waaaay better than Smart or Sun.  So maybe you really just have to live with all these internet downtime. I just wish they take more accountability for this.

While they may apply rebates, which by the way is too funny because of the price, they should be able to provide more responsibility and assurance that downtime is virtually non-existent.

Anyway, so I will not get lost in my weekend browsing tonight, I decided to make a mental note of all the things I have to check online.

Starting off with Globe (yet again), I had to activate or enroll ze husband's postpaid account for online account management.

Then have a quick browse through my daily reads/blogs.
Check on emails / twitter/ and other social networking sites.

And of course, to blog. And maybe squeeze in some money-earning activity.

I don't wanna go to any online shopping sites.  They veer me away (ALWAYS) from my online agenda.

And last, but definitely not the least, locate ze husband's ship.

This is the latest photo of their ship.  Love, are you there?

Photo taken couple of nights ago in Ancona, Italy

This never fails to make me connected.
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