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27 March 2011

KC Concepcion and The Kids in High Street

Do not kill me for talking about Pinoy Showbiz here. Hahaha.

We were in High Street, March 15.  One of my nephews was rewarded for a book treat in Fully Booked after completing his entrance exam in La Salle Greenhills.  It was their second attempt. The first one was nothing but tantrums.

While the kids were busy running around the grass, my sister inside a shoe store, and I was looking after the kids slash looking around, I noticed a girl all glammed up with her posse following her.  I knew it was KC Concepcion evn from afar.  I walked a little towards her just to check her out

Then a thought suddenly popped in my head. Julio! Julio! My 5 year old nephew has the biggest crush on her since he was two.  When I say crush, I mean he smiles and gets giddy whenever he sees KC TV ads and billboards.  And when we say "KC...", he smiles already.

I thought of bringing him to her.  Never mind if I would appear cheap.  I was really just doing it for Julio.  Monica on the other had, has known KC when she was 2 also and would copy her TV ads.  She is not too familiar with KC compared to Julio.

So anyway, I dragged Julio and almost forgot about my 2 kids, so they ran after me na lang. Hahaha.  I asked Monica and Julio to call KC.  After 2 shouts, she looked back and said hi to the kids. The first try was too soft.  Then I asked them to make it louder, that's when she heard us.

She hugged them.  Fine. It is highly possible that she was being "showbiz" about it but we were still grateful that she gave us 2 minutes of her time.  Well, that part of being "showbiz" it was just me being CYNICAL and "playing safe" of what we experienced. I think too much.

But there is one thing I noticed about her.  She is a very nice person (which now erases my idea of her being showbiz towards the kids, hahaha. LABO). 

I could say she was a nice person because she even introduced her sister to us.  It wasn't necessary since we're total strangers.  I just found it sweet and genuine of her to actually mention her sister.  I loved that.

So Julio, kept hugging KC and holding on to her hand that when KC started walking, I think KC didn't have a choice but to walk with him.  KC naman wasn't complaining even if she was walking on her 5-inch Loubutin pumps.

I was feeling dyahe already that I had to follow Julio and tell him to let go already.  Then KC hugged Julio and Monica again.  And guess what?  She said "Say bye to my sister Garrie".  Such a sweet person/sister.  I could sense she really wanted her sister to be a part of it or to be introduced and be known.  Nothing bad about that.

Here is the only photo.  I was a bit jittery also.  Starstruck? Medyo. Hahaha..

35/365 March 15, 2011

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