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29 March 2011


Sharing a photo with Mateo.

I think his smile here is so cute because it's so real.

35/365 March 15, 2011

In Pancake House, having dinner with the whole familia after the KC Concepcion incident

Hay, Mateo, the sneaky little one who has full of surprises.  Totally unpredictable.  He gets into my nerves a lot of times but I cannot manage to ignore him once he goes "mommy, hug." Hahaha!!!

A more dramatic way is "Mommy, me hug you."

Here he is in one of those kulit moments.
This is just 45 minutes after waking up.

33/365 March 13, 2011

He thought of using the paper bag as his warrior hat and the sword.  Cutie!!

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