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29 March 2011

Pet Peeve.. Sort of

I am unlike any other girl.

I do not hoard shoes.
I do not go crazy about shoes.

I can live with just flats which has always been the case since I was in high school.  While everybody else wanted to wear heels and wanted to feel like a grown woman, I have always been into flats.

I did not see the point of giving myself a hard time walking in heels.
I figured, I am not short to actually rely on heels. So sue me.
Or maybe it really wasn't just my interest. 

Moving on, after 2 babies, I still cannot find myself hoarding shoes and going gaga over them.

I may have posts about shoes in this blog but it's very rare.  I get attracted by shoes once in a blue moon.

I think not loving shoes is gonna be a problem for me.  I know that shoes can make or break an outfit especially for guys.  I can be lazy about shoes. Yikes

So anyway, that was too long of a preamble. Hahaha.
I would just like to share that there is one thing that totally turns me off about shoes.  I do not care if it's majorly expensive or incredible pretty or how comfortable it is.

Here it is.
Worth $450 but it does not appeal to me. Wanna know why?

Can you guess?

I hate seeing zipper at the back.  Sides, yes it's okay, I do not mind.  But at the back?  It totally irks me.
I really hate it.  No matter how nicely polished the zipper is, I do not like the sight of it.

I think it just ruins the whole appearance of the shoe.

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