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09 March 2011

Phoebe Philo in my mind...

This bag is not giving me the peace of mind I need.  Seriously.  This is probably one of the cheapest bags in Celine which is still relatively expensive.  Yikes.

I have blogged about this, a long time ago.  Haay.. I really like this.  I've seen a lot of knock-offs in Crossings Shangri-la.  Poor craftsmanship.  And unbelievable how it was copied to every detail.  I was so close to buying it if only for the form.  But I could not fathom myself wearing a fake one.

I've always said, I'd rather wear generic than a fake.  And if that means, I will never be able to have the things I adore, then it's okay.  I will deal with it.

I know it's not easy to purchase brand new designer bags. It might even be a little bit above our means at this point, but I don't really mind.  I really like this.  I want the bag.

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