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09 March 2011

Post For A Living 80 / Talacre Beach

I'm back!
I have been away mainly because I had to fix the parcel I had to send off to ze dear husband.  I had to download so much that I almost got suspended from work.  Oops...

So in between downloading files, burning CD (ugh! reminds of that sick CDr King service), and browsing through offers for Talacre Beach which I must say are quite tempting. The price on the offers are based on the weekly rate.  Perfect! Just how a vacation should be.  A good vacation should be at the very least 5 days.  The reason behind this is, I think 2 days should be allotted for the travel back and forth.

In the midst of all these, I still can't help but daydream about the Celine bags I have been loving since last year.  I have got to get my hands on those by hook or by crook, sooner or later!  I swear!  I know I will be doomed for saying this publicly, but really. I have to get my hands on those!!! 

In case you don't know by now, I firmly believe in The Secret.  It really works!!!

Going back, even Victoria Beckham is using Celine!! Goodness gracious! I am gonna faint!
This is probably the most popular from last year's collection.  Don't ask me about the season. Ok?
I do not like this one.  I am not into top handles.  If this had a strap, I might reconsider.  I've seen a lot of FAKES in Shangri-la. NOT GOOD!!
That bag up there is not really my type. It's too boxy for me.
The Classic Box Bag Oooh.. but this is $3100!

That red bag is sooo beautiful!!  Exactly my kind of bag.  I have always said here that I like designer bags that are discreet.  No monograms for me.  No loud logo insignias.  I want them plain and almost unrecognizable.


There's more!! Wait for my next post.

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