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03 March 2011

Post For A Living 81 // PCi Compliance

Oh, man... this is bad. I have seriously left this blog for 3 days.  Ooops.

There are a lot of things I am going through right now.  Well, nothing too serious.  Just some usual life problems.

Well, more like, communication problems.

Communications as in telco problems.  I wonder, since telco companies make use of SIM cards, do they follow some form of Pci Compliance? Well, I know some credit cards do. Butwhat the heck am I talking about?  They are probably two different things.  What makes me think they are one and the same? Just ebcause of the use of cards that contain information? Hahaha!!

So, yeah, going back.
Last December, I was actually over with the lock-up period with Globe Telecom.
Unbelievable how fast time flies!! I've been a non-delinquent subscriber since July 2008.

You see, I have always been a postpaid subscriber since I was 16 years old, of course under my mother's name but I was too young then and never really knew the value of money.  I practically treated my mobile as a landline.

Oh no!!  Yes, and back then, it was all about dropped calls.  You know that secret, calls below 9 secs weren't charged.  But then during petty fights with your significant other (read: ze husband), you have no choice but to talk about it over phone.  Ha!

 So there, I decided to painfully bid goodbye to my humble G-text 500 plan with 500 free text and free 20 mins of calls.  I really had a hard time letting go of it.  I knew that once I let go, I will never be able to revert back to it.  The only thing holding me back was losing something I knew was not available anymore.  See, what kind of issues I have?  These things are what gives me problems and sleepless nights. Serious.

I had a hard time accepting the fact that the old will be replaced with the new even if it the new is way better and more practical.

So I went ahead and upgraded my plan to SuperUnli 599 with unlimited text and calls to Globe subscribers.  Ugh! Just the sound of "UNLI" makes me feel like a helper.  I hear our helpers talk about "UNLI" offers across all networks.

It took a week before the change was formalized.  Mainly because I also had issues in having to be required to let go of any of my add-on plans like my Mobile Surfing Plan worth Php 150 monthly which comes with free 10 internet hours.  Again, something not available nowadays.  That is actually a good deal so I hesitated for a couple of days before I could give Globe the GO signal to cut it.


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