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30 March 2011

Proud Momma

If there is one thing I am proud of, it would have to be my kids and how they look out after each other.
I am not gonna be a hypocrite and say they do not fight.

They do, actually.  Most of the time.  But the fight does not stem from sibling rivalry.  It stems from having fun then teasing each other then somebody ends up pikon.  Both of then know have their own ways of provoking each other and they know how to push the angry button on for the other.

It's all kiddie stuff.  Petty stuff.  They get over it in no time.  When I say in no time as in like they start crying then after 5 SECONDS, they laugh at each other.  Cute! :))

Here is one of their hundreds of photos together.

24/365 March 4, 2011

I promise to God, I do not teach them how to pose in front of the camera.

Lately, I admit, I'm having a lot of thoughts.  More like having quarter-life crisis.  I do feel sad about how my career or non-career went.  But of course I know that it was my own choice to have kids early and choose the road less travelled which was to stay at home.

Right now, I have a work that lets me go home by 130pm.  A good deal, I must say but the job itself is something that I do not love.

Enough rambling.

When I see these two, then I remember the reason why I chose to stop working and pick work schedule over career.  It hurts me.  These kids make me go on.  They motivate me to keep working but at the same time they make me feel that it is at home where I belong.  I always feel sad whenever I have to leave the house.

Rambling again.

So yeah, these two are never timid in expressing their love for each other.  They are sweet kids, I tell you.  I want them to stay that way until they grow up.  Hopefully, it won't change.  Even if I'm not around the whole time.

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