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26 April 2011

84 // Zoloft

Aging comes with a lot setbacks.
Fine, fine, fine, most would say that with aging comes wisdom and all that stuff. But you see, for me, aging is simply.. aging!
You get old, you get wrinkles, you get uglier no matter how much you age gracefully. You worry even more over every little thing that is somehow related to aging and maybe dying?

I know because my mother is like that.  She worries about everything.  So much so that she gets sick out of worrying.  She has been prescribed with several anti-depressants as well as relaxants such as Valium and Zoloft (which reminds me of that zoloft lawsuit I've heard about couple of weeks back).

She knows she worries to much and I'm pretty sure she can control her worries because she refuses to take her meds.  She has a thought that she is not crazy yet so there's no need for her to take it.  But you see, sometimes, the worry overpowers her.  It's as if she can't control the situation. 

At one point, a few years back, she was rushed to the hospital due to anxiety attack. As in she almost passed out in some restaurant.  Doctors can't find anything wrong with her.  A lot of tests and check ups have been done but they all boil down to one thing-- STRESS.

What's even weirder is that she worries a lot but it doesn't show on her face.  She is 63 years old but when you look at her she looks 48 or 49 years old.  And I am serious not just because I am her daughter.

Oh well..

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