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21 April 2011

Back to regular programming...

So I have irresponsible and all updates from this blog originate from instagram (liljasmine30, by the way).

I have been feeling down lately due to work-related matters and and life issues.  Yup, that's just me.

I always find reasons and stuff to think over and I end up messing up with my brain.  I tend to torture my brain cells.  But I like it that way, I like re-wiring them. Haha.  And that results to premature aging.

SO anyway, I have been meaning to post a photo from last month.

Side note:  This PC keyboard is irritatingly sticky!!! I hate these.
K, enough negativity.  I'm at work you see.  (yes on a maundy thursday) Can you sense the aggression? Hahaha!!

Going back.. Here it is

Two from the few best girl friends I love.

Remember my post on these two? Click here

The photo above was taken during Vada's 7th birthday.  Yup, she's Joebelle's daughter.  And that's her 2nd kid na ha!

Weird that it's actually my first time to attend any of her kids' parties.  Heehee.
Photobooth is always fun.  But too bad, we weren't able to fully enjoy it since a lot of people were in line.
Even if Joebelle, owned it, it was still dyahe.

Oh, such a short post today.
I don't wanna be bothered. I'm immersing myself with just ONE song that I have rediscovered from my dark past. Hahaha. Lalim. I'ts been on repeat for the past 5 hours. That's how I am.

This is the only Barbie song I know and love.

Just a Smile by Barbie Almalbis.

I remember, we had a major quick moment, Barbie and I.
I was carrying Monica in a sling while Mateo was with Norvz. We were walking along High Street. Barbie came up and told me, "Ang cuute!"

So I didn't know who she was until Norvz told me she was Barbie. I wasn't familiar with her face kasi.

I love this song.  Makes me feel very happy and inspired it makes me want to cry and that's the truth.

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