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05 April 2011

Christmas Party

WARNING: Photo-heavy post.

I know that there might be no valid reason why I am still posting this.  But what the heck. Hahaha.

Just want to share the fun we had from our Christmas party with my friends from my previous work.

We started quite late actually. 9 pm I think?

Of course my bestfriend had to be there even if she wasn't part of the company.  Funny that her sister turned out to be my office mate. That was incredibly fun!!!
And we just had to have our bangas photo :))


Here I was being sandwiched by the two (evil) sisters. Hahahaha!! I'm not complaining at all :))

 A group shot with the former JobStreet Select employees, non-JobStreet employees

Of course ze husband was there as the DJ. The DJ that got me falling love. I love love love love love love love love my darling evol to infinity and beyond.  Yes, ganon katindi! Hahaha!


Hours before the party, ze husband injured himself in the eye.  He was preparing the laser lights, drilled walls and beams.  Some metal speck went into his eye.  And as usual, he refused to go to the hospital. Friends were insisting to go to hospital but he can't be bugged.  We had to blow his eye countless times, soak it in water. Ugh! He even asked me to use cotton buds to pluck the speck uot.  But of course I was so scared I might scratch his eyes, right?! Hay, the pains of having a kulit husband! He survived the night, by the way.

The quasi-bestfriend and the certified bestfriend :))

This is FUN, defined. :))

And what is a party if there are no silly photos such as this?!  Meet the respected recruiters. Hahaha!!!

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