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05 April 2011

He Said, She Said

I have already mentioned these in Facebook but I still want to post it here for my kids to see in the future. Hahaha.

I just love how their conversations flow on a daily basis.  One of the reasons why I abhor working away from home.  I don't wanna miss out on anything.

Monica: Mommy, why did Daddy cry OVER my letter.

I just find it amusing that she used OVER instead of because.  Flawless!

After giving them a bath, I was wiping them dry,
Mateo: Mommy boot as, boot as Mommy.
ME: What darling? Can you say that again please?
Mateo:  Boot as mommy.
ME: (still puzzled and not knowing what to say)
Monica: (blurts out and says) Both of us, mommy. Mateo said both of us.  He wants us to be inside the towel together.
ME: ohh, sorry! I didn't understand right away.

Amazing how they can understand each other.  Love these kids to bits!

In another situation again while taking a bath,
Monica:  Mateo do you know that me and other girl cousins are extra girls? (whatever extra means!)
Mateo: yah (laughing)
Monica: But you are boy. So you and Jaime are extra boys
Mateo: yah I know (laughing)

Hahahaha!!! Amusing how mateo is saying "yah i know" wow!!!

Here they are having the time of their lives in wearing helmets for the first time.  This was the night ze husband was leaving. We cam from his office for the second time.  We just went home to eat and take a bath. Haay.. It still hurts when I remember that night.


1 comment:

Frances said...

Your kids are soooo cute! Now I really have to make another baby so my son has a kausap like that!