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21 April 2011

Ralph Lauren: Tiffin Leather Tote

Ralph Lauren Collection Tiffin leather tote

Now, this bag is nice. I like the color.  Could it be I'm getting old that I tend to be attracted to "grown up" colors?  Eeep!

Let it be known, that I have a thing for bags with top handles and shoulder straps.
In fact, I've been crushing on Balenciaga since 2006.

See, how much of a dreamer I am? I was just starting to work back then but my dreams were as high as Balenciaga.  Heehee.

So sue me. I know my dreams will take me somewhere, someday. Hahahaha!!

Going back, I love that bag up there but not enough for me to spend my money on it.

The other night, ze husband and I were texting.  I was telling him of all these good stuff I've been finding online and great deals to boot.  Being the supportive husband that he is as always, he told me and let me quote:

"Once you find something you like and tingin mo kaya natin, go! Just buy it."

Yup, that's how he is and really, I could not ask for more. People and friends, when I tell them stories about decisions and views on life, they always ask, "What does Norvz think about it?"

I always end up giving the same answer, "whatever I like, he's okay with it."

Boring, maybe?  Too lax? No care? None of the above.
I think the correct word is TRUST

I'm happy that ze husband trusts me with everything I decide on.  However, I don't make decisions on my own.  I make sure I let him know of the situation, tell him of the consequences I could think of.  I don't tell him my decision, I wait for what he has to say and check if we are on the same boat.  And really, we are always in sync. We are almost perfect.  (No I am not being delusional on this)

So I rambled again. Just like that.  But anyway, the reason why I had to tell that story was because I told him after that reply he gave me, I told him:

No, I just love looking but I don't always have the courage to buy especially on high ticket items.  If it were gadgets, I would instantly do it, but bags, It takes a lot of courage for me to do it.  Although I consider myself more interested into bags than shoes, I can still go home and sleep on it.  But if It's still on my mind after months or weeks, then I buy it.  

Yup, that's my shopping behavior.  When I was younger, I bought everything on a whim.  So I ennded up with no savings at all.  But as I got older, I got wiser or so I think. Hahaha.

So there, just sharing and putting it in writing for me to remember years from now. :)

1 comment:

Frances said...

My hubby is so generous with me, too. For our anniversary, he gifted me with a shopping spree. I gave him a PS3. But material things aside, you're right about trust. It's so lovely to be in a marriage that gives and gives and gives because there is absolute trust.

We're so lucky!