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06 April 2011

The Two Faces of Makati City

Pretty soon, I won't be a Makati girl anymore.  It pains me to say goodbye to all of the memories I've had there.  While my next residence is still relatively near Makati, it's still, well... not Makati.  Labooo...

But anyway, I do not come from the uptown side of Makati.  Oh, how I wish I could inherit some lot from Forbes Park but that's too impossible.  We live 5 minutes away from Forbes Park and no, we are not along C-5. Hahahaha..

One night, I had nothing to do and thought exploring Google maps on my phone.
I was just surprised to see how different these two places looked like.

Five minutes away from each other but can you see the difference in terms of size and its surroundings?
Take note that the zoom rate is the same for both screen shots.

NOW, please ignore the search term Philam Village, ok?


This is downtown Makati.  That big block of bluish-gray is Market! Market! To the right of Market! Marke! is C5 and the house further to the right.  See how small the houses are?  This goes to show the lot area for each resident


Now this is Forbes Park.  With the same zoom rate, wow, the roofs look waaaay bigger and you could really make out the structure of the houses. One would also notice the trees around every house.  See those, bright blue patches?

Oh yah, most houses have their own pools.  Ha!

The life!

And that my friends, are the two faces of Makati City.

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makati office space said...

There's a difference in the house and lot sizes even from the view above.