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10 April 2011

Where are you, Love?

Norvz, this is me calling out to all of nature's forces..

Where are you now?
It's been 15 days..
You told me it's gonna take 10 days from Denmark to Canada.

And while I do understand, satellite call is not possible, I'm just really puzzled and worried what is happening.

Especially when it seems like your postpaid line is ringing but not for your prepaid lines.
Perhaps it's just some network glitch since the ring is quite odd.

I miss you so much and so many thoughts are rushing in my head.
I would really need a peace of mind right now.

Did you guys slow down? Changed routes?
And although I've been stalking your ship online, I still don't understand what's taking you so long..
BBC arizona to canada

I'm stressing out here already..
I love you..

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