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18 May 2011

Marta's Cakes and My Kids


I've never been a fan of big birthday parties.
I have a few good reasons.  First, I just find it impractical to spend more than Php 30,000 for a party that would last for only 3 hours and cannot guarantee me that any of my kids won't have their sumpong throughout the whole duration of the event.

Second, since I chose to get married early and get pregnant early, I know of very few people that would have kids the same age as mine.  A kid's party won't be fun if there are like 5 kids who would really be game in joining the games.

Third, I'm such a poor host.  Seriously.  I'm not a good host at all.  I do not know how to entertain guests.  I do not know how to serve them well.  I get frazzled of who to talk to or which table I should sit with.

Fourth, I get tired at the end of the day.  I find that it's hard to enjoy the event when you have to be up and about the whole time.

Fifth, no matter the budget, I (or anyone else) always tend to spend a little more.

Yah, I think that's it.  I have a few concerns which I believe are really valid.  And because of those, I always choose not to hold a big party.  I just make it a point that Monica and mateo will have their own special birthday cake.

It's been like a tradition for me to always makes sure they get a Marta's cake and either cupcakes or cookie lollipops from Marta's as well. 

From their baptismal parties and for all their birthdays, it's been like an unspoken tradition of ours to make sure they get to have pretty cakes.  yah, so that's what's important for me. 

Pricey but I love Marta's customer service and efficiency.  I actually trust them in any requests that I make, I know that they will always give me the best that they can offer. 
Whenever I place an order, I never fear paying the amount in full because I know the output will meet my expectations.

1 comment:

Frances said...

Same here. In my case, however, I chose to marry and have kids as late as possible so all my peers have 7-10 yr olds while I have a 9-month-old cutie patootie. So I won't have a party when he turns 1.

Unless the grandparents pay for it. :)