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04 May 2011

Breast is Best

I just want to share this very recent photo I found online.
Miranda Kerr breastfeeding her baby AT WORK!


I am really impressed by women who make sure they breastfeed their kids.  For me, they seem educated, well-informed, and very motherly--unselfish.

I am not active in breastfeeding groups but I am all for breastfeeding.  Nothing beats feeding your baby with the best food ever.  It's even better because it makes weight loss faster and easier.

I actually think breastfeeding is the best part of motherhood--next to kisses, hugs and i-love-yous..

To all soon-to-be moms, PLEASE breastfeed.  Read up about it.  There are so many resources online.

NEVER EVER believe that there is not enough milk, that not all babies know how to nurse, that not all nipples are not meant to breastfeed. NOT TRUE!

Do not rely on hearsay and the elderly.  Read up.  Browse through La Leche League.

1 comment:

Frances said...

Breast is best! And Miranda Kerr puts all of fat mommyhood to shame. Dammit, woman, why are you so perfct?!