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24 May 2011

Chedeng Tonight + Beyonce

So just when I feel like blogging, the internet is awfully slow.  Blame it on Chedeng or Globe.

It's so painfully slow, Speedtest can't even get itself to load.  Yikes.

I have nothing to blog about tonight despite my absence for more than two weeks.
Well, I have a lot of things to blog but do not have enough time.  I've been really occupied with looking for jobs that I know I will love.

So, I saw this music video of Beyonce.  I'm not a fan, by the way.
It's this Run The World song.  It sounds so much like a particular song I cannot seem to remember.

I have mentioned in Twitter that I only like the tune of the song.  I am not a DJ but I am so sure, the tune has been copied from somewhere.  I will find that out.

Things I have noticed:
- She wore an Alexander McQueen attire (at least that's what I think), it's that one with red draping on the scene with the lion.
- That long white gown with feathers seems like a designer piece as well.  Who am I to know? Haha.
- I like the idea of wearing designer pieces throughout the whole video and at the same time still keeping up with the theme.  It's like the clothes did not seem off with the location the video was shot.  Now, THAT is a real work of a stylist.

- On 3:01, it's the major eew part of the video.  Yuck! As in literally, seriously, YUCK! Her ass is sooo big! Her thighs! Her hips! Eew!!!! She's soo fat!!  Fine, shoot me for thinking Beyonce is fat.  Leave me alone with my definition of sexy and beauty.

- I thought I was gonna gag with how big her thighs and hips are.

SO there, the song was better off without lyrics.  Her voice is too much. 
And while in the process of blogging this, I really had to look for the music who has the original beats to this.

I wish the producers or Beyonce disclosed it when her single was released or affixed some sort of remix title to her music to give credits to the original artist.  Sheesh

Here is the original one.  Major soft porn.

Embedding is disabled by the director. But I swear, it is a must-watch if you are a horny type of person. Hahahahaha!!

But seriously, it's a must see.  It makes me wonder why YouTube is not blocking this video.
I'm lazy to hyperlink it.  Just click it.

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