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30 May 2011

How To Feel Better About Oneself

It's always nice to look back on this (non)song once in a while.
Every word said is true.

I think everybody who knows this will agree with what Baz said about reading beauty magazines.  I guess this is what made me decide to stop buying them.  They are expensive and I cannot fathom the idea of cutting them out to create a board even if I wanted to make one.  Laboo..

I have a very high self-esteem but not to the point of arrogance.  I know what I can and cannot do and what I can attempt to do.
Maybe  have a really strong gut instinct about everything I do and plan to do.
I almost always know when I will make it and when I cannot.

Or sometimes, I am too blinded with my desire that "the secret" comes into play and whatever I want is fulfilled.
But whatever, it works for me.

So anyway, I found this online and I thought of sharing it.

Funny I was home all day and totally thouhg of nothing to blog about so I decided to just share something I found randomly.

And now that all I have to do is share, I have so much to say.
This is me.  Scatterbrained and always thinking too much and always have something to say.  Insightful, maybe? I'm not too sure.

Anyway, here goes:

- Exercise
      To be done not only for the sake of weight loss but also for appreciating the things your body can do.  But I think endorphins play a part as well.  Remember Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde? Haha.

- Have sex
      Just because it's like a workout and the feeling that somebody actually has the hots for you.

- (I will not include it here because I might ruin my career as a blogger) It has something to do with the one before.

- Wear sexy lingerie
      I believe in this.  Wear something sexy and it makes you feel sexy.  Pplus how can you score the second tip if you have flimsy and granny lingerie, right?

- Pose nude
      When I gave birth to my first born, one of the things that sort of made me sad was the idea that I was never able to take serious photo or portrait of myself when I my body was in its "glorious" stage.  I thought that I should have had myself photographed professionally so that when I grow old, I will remember how I looked like in my 20s before giving birth and surrendering myself to motherhood.  I am not complaining, ok.
- Gaze in the mirror
     This is not true for me because I tend to scrutinize myself.. Such a contradiction of my own proclamation that I have high self-esteem.  In front of the mirror, I see lines on my face that other people don't see.  I see sun spots that are really never there.  I see fats which people violently oppose.

- Make a list of things about yourself
   I haven't done this but maybe I should try it one day.

For photos and better explanation (meaning not my opinion, hehe), click on my source:

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