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27 May 2011

I Am Overwhelmed

I rarely check the comments on my blog. They are always flooded with spam or some realy anonymous commenters who only leave links to their site.

Last night, I ad the sudden urge to actually check it and boy, was I right on time!

I saw that there were a few "valid" comments.  What surprised me more was the name!! It said Frances.

Any blogger would easily recognize that name.  And I mean that.

I was in awe when I realized that she actually took a few minutes of her time to comment on my shallow posts.  Waaah!!!

So I'm gonna start to answer one of her questions.

My sister lives very near Mahogany Place.  She's from Morning Sun, one of the first projects developed by DMCI in that area.  I would say it was a low-cost project.  In their place, yes there are huge mosquitoes primarily because there are still big patches of grassy, undeveloped areas.

I was able to hang out at a friend's house in Mahogany Place 1 and I didn't feel or see any huge mosquitoes.
Hmm.. I think it can be seasonal? Also, maybe once the place is developed already, like few grassy and murky areas are left, maybe the mosquitoes won't be too much of a bother anymore.

I read your post about house hunting a few days ago.  I thought it was amusing that we also checked out Ametta Place but forgot about it because we thought of the same reasons you have.
- Ondoy event
- Place is too remote since we have been used to living in Makati
- The location can get very congested in traffic
- Very few choices of good schools.

At this point, no Mahogany for us yet. But if you do pursue your purchase there, we'll be neighbors. we're just right across the street. :p

Sorry if my response seems a little useless :p

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