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30 May 2011

Lady Gaga is a Madonna Knock-Off

Maybe because she is too popular that's why I don't like her.
But I highly doubt that.

I really do not like her simply because she's copying Madonna too much or she's getting too much "inspiration" from her.  She's so unoriginal.

I don't understand why she is famous.  Ok, fine. 
Younger generations can look up to her but hopefully, not the Madonna generation.

But anyway, I was happy to see a poll online.
I was happy because finally, it has been affirmed that I am not the only one who think she's taking too much idea from Madonna.

Here goes:

Find the slideshow and details of the poll here: CLICK

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think she is a Madonna knock off too! Not original at all. I totally loved Madonna growing up and I think she copies her too much.