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19 June 2011

2010 At Work

A few blog posts back, I mentioned something about the number of jobs I had from last year.  It wasn't a good experience overall.

I started the year trying out the corporate world again after 2 years of enjoying being a SAHM (nothing compares to that!!), because I didn't want to rattle myself of having to work again, I decided it's just but wise to start working part time.

So there I was hired as a part time agent in a call center.  How funny that before leaving the corporate world, I was the one handling that account.  I had to take care of the recruitment for that.  I made sure that classes were filled in time.  The only to come back as a part time agent.  I had a hard time accepting the fact that I had to be an agent.  But looking back, that was the easiest job and enjoyable ob I ever had.

I was able to meet new friends and learn about the operations.  It was such a laid-back account.  Most would say the account was a no-brainer.  But if you receive the same amount of salary compared to those who are actually torturing their brains and emotions trying to get by every call, hmm.. who's being wise and smart after all?

I never thought in a million years that I would actually be an agent.  However, it was a short-lived experience.  the account pulled out.  Oh, I could still remember that morning when I walked into the floor and everybody was sad.  It's either you see someone crying or see someone sitting quietly and acting weird.  Everybody was feeling sad.  Nobody was happy.

Fortunately, my former workmate and something else, offered me to work with her again.  This time I'm back with my first love, recruitment.  But for a headhunter.  JobStreet Select.  Yup, same company as only, we are a different segment or business.


I had to end it, left with no choice.  The work environment was really ok.  Processing 150 applicants per day was no joke.  But it was fun.  We would have lunch by 5pm right before going home, but it was ok.  I did not complain about it because the people I worked with were great.  Though schedule is quite hectic, the camaraderie we had was incomparable.  I could say that once you are done interviewing applicants, everything is relaxed already.  

A few weeks later, I joined what seemed to be a prestigious and amazing company but completely the opposite as it turned out.  It was a very tempting offer but you'll never know how they sucked until you get in the company. Sayang. Everything was done on a heartbeat and it was regrettable. After 5 days, I was out of job again.
IMG_3185 picnik

And thenan even better offer came.  Higher pay, even better location, some part of the salary was paid in dollars, flexible working hours. And again, I was so lucky to have nice people around me.  They were so fun to be with.  The feel of the work and the place was so light.  No stress.  But being the quasi-ADHD, I wanted to have another job.

So I looked for a job that I thought would not demand too much of my time and brains. Haha
What else would that be but a call center agent?  So I thought maybe I could give operations a try? Be involved not just in support but be in operations as well.

It was a job I learned to love, until it got the best of me.  I realized my personality is not fit for an agent.  I cannot, for the life of me, take too much whining from other people because I am a whiner myself. Hahahaha.  But seriously, I cannot live on a job that has so many rules and everything you do is timed.  I am highly-organized, yes, but not to the extent of having scheduled and timed potty breaks.
Plus the fact, they will be moving to Eastwood.

I never had a second thought of moving with them. Eastwood? Never in a million years.  I don't even like hanging out there! What more work?!

I could go back to the work I had in The Fort, they are waiting for me.  I wanna go back there soonest.

Who knows, when?

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