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23 June 2011

84 // Cars

As you all know by now, I have always wanted to be a mother. 
I'm serious when I say that I was a young teen when I realized that being a mother is what I wanted to be.

So basically, I planned my life around that dream/concept.

Friends from grade school thought I was too funny; they always made it a joke that I was too much of a "playful" girl ever since they knew me.

Friends from high school, well, I never really cared what they think.  Again, I have very few friends back then and they were those who understood me.

Since I had that plan, my dream before of becoming a doctor completely vanished.

I decided to just finish a 4-year course and not pursue being a psychiatrist.  I figured, if ever I do pursue medicine, I will never be able to get married early and have kids right after.

Fast forward, I was able to get married a year after graduating then got pregnant a few months after getting hitched.
Yup, you can see that on my banner up there *maybe I should change that already--it's getting a bit old now.*

It's 2011 already and I am blessed beyond belief that I now have two adorable children that in most cases never gave me any headache.  They're not perfect human beings but their imperfections make them perfect for me.  Like I can totally adjust and handle them both even during situations they're being imperfect.

So I just confused you guys there..

My little man, Mateo is such a cutie.  he has his own silly little ways.  It's very innate and natural for him to be sneaky.  He somehow makes his way around in getting what he wants--not necessarily material stuff.

Recently he was given RC Cars by his Grandma -- ze husband's mom.
Seeing the giant box in front of him made him so excited! And once he got his hands on the remote, eep!!! he's unstoppable! he keeps nagging me to charge the battery.

He goes crazy when he sees the car turn into a robot.  Being a fanatic of Transformers, it's just but natural.  I just like the idea that I can play rough with him.  He's really a tough cookie.

My only concern now would be, where do I get extra remote controls?  I'm not sure if I can just get it anywhere and probably just find one that has the same frequency?  I haven't bothered asking ze husband about it.

Hmm... Ideas?

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