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09 June 2011

Babywearing Flashbacks

So my kids are now officially toddlers.

My kid, Monica is about to start school next Monday, June 13.
My boy, Mateo, is turning 3 and will be in school by next year.

They are technically not babies anymore, they now have their own choices, they sort of have a mind of their own.

The other night, I was trying to fix photos in Multiply and in Flickr.  I was making sure, every site had the same amount of photos.  In my mind, I know I have to let go of my premium account in Multiply since it's almost useless.  But I haven't found any other site that cans tore my videos in their highest quality.  I've tried in youtube but I'm scared that since it's free, my videos can be gone any time.

Flickr can only store a minute for every video.  That will never work with me.
I never rely on DVDs or external hard disks alone.

Anyway, on to the real topic, I found some photos from Multiply storage that I forgot ever existed.

And instantly,  I missed wearing my kiddies.  I missed them being babies but at the same time, I'm happy that their interdependent now.  Yup, I choose to believe that being interdependent is a lot better than being independent.

Sometime August 2007 - Monica

Shucks, I will have to cut this post abruptly as I have just discovered something! Eeep!!! My Flickr dates are messed up!! I'm very OC with this kind of stuff.

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