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18 June 2011

Blessed Beyond Belief

Year 2011 generally started out well.
I would like to believe that only this year I have learned how to fully trust our God and leave all up to Him.

Let me stop there.

I am clearly not the best person to ask about anything Theology and definitely I am not a religious person.  I am spiritual, I guess.  I'm the type who does not hear mass regularly, does not pray the rosary, does not pray every night.

But then this year, I found myself always praying and sort of received answers from Him.  Then slowly, I have learned how to surrender all my troubles and just keep praying.  Keep trusting.  I must say it feels good.  It feels so good, I feel like crying sometimes.  I have never felt this close to Him before.

Let me stop there. Again.

I actually kept this realization and sort of "transformation" to myself.  I never told anyone.  Not a single soul.

Until last week.
On a whim, I told ze husband about it.
And remember how I said before that we are always in sync even if we are on different time zones and miles apart?

He replied and told me that he had also been wanting to tell me about his own realization.  He said that since he went onboard he had also found himself to be prayerful.

We were experiencing the exact same thing!

I don't know what can explain this.  At one point, it even happened that we had the same nightmare at the same time even if we were far apart from each other.  We are puzzled as well.


But at the end of the day, we are really just happy that no matter how far, we still think alike and we still share the same of everything.  I don't want to make it seem like everything about our marriage or partnership is perfect.  I just think that we are too intertwined and involved with each other. 

And we love that fact.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

surrendering and trusting to God our troubles, worries and burdens is the best thing any person should do. just be faithful that whatever you prayed for will be answered, because God surely give the desires of a faithful heart. "Believe and you shall receive."

just keep the faith and you'll be blessed more!

More blessings to your family ;)