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18 June 2011

Blogging About Sony Bloggie

If you have read my blog long enough, you would know that back in 2009 (how pathetic) I have been longing to have a pocket HD camcorder.  But because I was too scared to buy a product that I know will soon be outdated and I was scared that I might make the wrong choice, I never got around to buying it.

There were a LOT of posts I did about those pocket camcorders.

There's a lot, really:
Next On My List
My Early Christmas Wishlist - at some point I got torn between a second phone and a second camera
A few weeks later, I blogged about a real dilemma between the two.

And 2010 arrived still with no decision on which to buy.
Another post to do a face off among the pocket camcorders.

Even went to the extent of creating a post with specific comparison like video, image noise, still shots, controls.  A really comprehensive review but you will have to pardon the post because the images are now missing.
███    ████    ████   ████    ████   ████   ███

 So months have passed and I just sort of let it go. I figured there were more important things than it.  And I was able to get my hands on the iPhone 4 which had a very decent camera and took decent videos as well.

But ze husband, being his usual sweet and generous self, thought of buying me something.
I didn't mention anything about pocket camcorders to him since 2010.  I thought he forgot about it and I didn't mind.

The other night, he texted me and asked me to check some sort of product code online.
To my surprise, when I checked KMart, lo and behold!!!


The sweet babe decided to buy me the latest Sony Bloggie. Such a sweet husband!

Now on full HD and 12.8MP for still shots.  What's even better is that you can take photos while capturing video!!!

I really couldn't ask for more!

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