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24 June 2011


I'm late by a day in replying.  The rain yesterday was terrible.  My usual route, I walk from Ayala-FGU all the way to SM.  You could imagine how drenched I was last night.  When I arrived in Sm terminal, there was not a shuttle in sight.  There must have been a thousand people there waiting for their ride home.

Anyway, I checked my statement of account from May 2007. I thought I was gonna faint with all the numbers.

During that time, the total amount I paid was a whopping Php 170,000! I still shiver at the thought of it.  That cost is already reduced from Philhealth and personal discounts.  My health card didn't provide any benefits.

The breakdown for that would be:
OB-Gyne professional fee : Php x0,000
Anesthesiologist :  Php xx,000 (Medical City always charges half of the OB's PF)
Pediatrician : Php 5,000
Room and board for my 2nd and 3rd day : Php 13,000++

Birthing suite : roughly around Php 30,000
Waiting for 10cm. No epidural yet.

What made my hospital bill that high was because I attempted normal delivery so I was charged with the pre-labor room for the first few hours when I arrived in the hospital.  So since I attempted normal delivery, I was also charged of all other stuff for it.. Plus the anesthesia, the effort of my OB.

Add that to the cost of being transferred to the Operating Room and other materials used.

I believe you can go to 4th flr (?) of Medical City and have them give you a "tour" of the delivery rooms like Lamaze and Birthing Suite.

And oh, you also have to pay for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit something.. I think that's like the warmer or incubator where babies are placed.

Pardon my unsolicited advice but I suggest you bring the following to the hospital so you could somehow lessen the charges.
* A LOT of underpads - for all the bleeding after
* A couple of binders - there are cheap ones that can be found in underwear department or sometimes fitness-whatever departments.
* Cotton

They sell you the abdominal binders, promise!

Here is a wider shot of the suite.

So there, let me know if you have other questions about the experience :) Good luck!
Sending you good birthing vibes!!

1 comment:

Donna said...

Thank you Lil! :)

last question, may i know yung name ng ob gyne mo? Thanks again.