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18 June 2011

Dreams Really Do Come True

Do you believe in The Secret?


I seriously do.
I haven't read the book.
Since I was young, you know, after reading countless magazines that featured Spice Girls  , they always mentioned something about wanting something so bad and you will have it.

But I always thought that when you want something so bad, the whole universe will conspire for you to achieve it. It's like everything will eventually fall into place.

Early last year, ze husband and I started thinking of selling the Macbook. So that led me lusting even mroe over MacBook Pro. I was generally ok with the classic Macbook but since the ever sweet babe hinted me about MacBook Pro, he sort of fed my fantasies even more.

I even shamelessly posted in Facebook in late 2009. Heehee..

To cut the long story short, ze sweet and generous husband bought me what I have lusting over (aside from him. haha)
All 15 inches of smooth and sexy aluminum.

From my previous post, I said that once I have the Pro already, I will stop wanting even more Apples.  As what my good friend put it, we are all Apple victims to which I said but it makes life more fun.

Anyway, I mentioned before that one of our "requirements" for our future home would be a Mac desktop.  I don't know if we will even get there.  If it will take us years to achieve that, it's okay.

We'll be okay.

Again and again, I guess I'm just really lucky that I have a
husband  who knows what I need and want even without me saying it. 

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