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09 June 2011

Bed and Absence

I have been too absent on this blog that you all probably have no idea that I've had several jobs for the past year and I am actually about to enter a new one.

Anyway, I have been unemployed for the past two weeks and it's taking too long for the blogger in me to kick in.  I know I have so much to write and so much to say but I have never really made the the time.  There's definitely a lot of time but I guess you could say that I was being lazy.  I just wanted to keep on browsing online plus ze husband is almost always reachable so I had to text him the whole day.

When I say reachable, that means, he is somewhere near a place with a network.

So anyway, I thought I had to "force" myself and share whatever I find interesting online.

Here's a good starter:
Best Beds for Sex.

I seriously love this photo

Without being malicious about it, you know, let's try to deal with the issue with mature minds, I seriosuly believe that having the right bed is crucial.
Just read on and find out.
Here are the key points:

- "A good mattress can not only make sex more enjoyable and comfortable, but it also helps you get a better night's sleep," says sex therapist and "Book of Love" author Dr. Laura Berman. "This translates into energy, rest and, hence, an improved sex drive."

- Foam May Kill the Mood
The biggest complaint about memory foam is that it gets hot, and it responds to heat by softening. This creates almost a dough-like feeling, which easily kills the mood.

The advantage of a foam mattress for sleeping could be a major disadvantage for getting frisky: There's virtually no bounce. You've all seen the commercial where a person rolls around on a foam mattress while a glass of wine is sits on the bed next to them not moving at all. That's the point. Foam molds around your body and absorbs your movements. Therefore it's tough to maneuver quickly on it and it will sink when pressure is put on it.

- For Better Bounce, Try...
A standard (and less expensive) coil mattress will bounce back during the sexy fun, helping to create a rhythm and allowing for more acrobatic movements. There is a disadvantage to coils: Some of your energy will be absorbed in the bounce and you'll have to exert more energy to keep up with the passion (maybe an argument for older folks to favor memory foam). Also as a coil mattress ages, it runs the risk of becoming squeaky, a problem you won't have with foam.

Everything else can be found here.


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