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10 June 2011

Rakuten Offeres Free Shipping!!!!

No doubt, Japanese are one of the most stylish people in this little world we all live in.

They really just have their own style and even if they get a little bit of influence from Western countries, that distinct Japanese is still there.

However, I find anything Japanese expensive.  Seriously.

So you could guess how elated I was when I learned about Rakuten's offer for US residents.

Here are the basics of the promo:

USA EDT: From June 13th (Mon) 7:00 AM until June 14th (Tue) 12:59 PM, 2011 (30 hours)

Territories eligible for free delivery from Japan:

USA (including her Territories, e.g. Guam, Puerto Rico)

Which products are eligible:

Rakuten Ichiba Japan, standard purchase (excluding orders from mobile phones)¿shops which offer international shipping.

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