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18 June 2011

Shoe Sightings

Let's kick things off with shoes I found online.  Not a review but just a few that think are actually cute.


I think this looks better from afar. I don't exactly know why I clipped this photo.  Perhaps I found the color cute? I find the shoe lace a little bit too thick.

Lately, I find myself liking this color.  I'm not sure if it's because of my age.  Aaaah!!! There! I am again reminded of my age.  I refuse to get any older.  I wanna be stuck at 20!!!!!  I can't believe I am already in my late twenties.  I'm really not liking it.
This next one was conceived or made popular (i'm not sure) when Michael Jackson died. I'm a big fan of loafers.  Anything flat, actually.

Repetto Michael Patent Slip On Flat Shoes

Prices at $350, definitely, it's a pair that not everyone can afford. Including me. Ahahahahaha!!!!!

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