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12 July 2011

85// iPhone

It's been a month since I parted ways with my iPhone 4. 
Wait, has it really been a month? It sure felt longer than a month, man, I miss my iPhone so much!

When I go out with friends, they would always ask me what happened to my phone.  You see, right now, I am using a Nokia 1208. Haha! yes, that lowest-end phone of Nokia.  That was originally for the kids.  Since my mother is not home almost everyday, I bought a phone for the kids so that I could easily call them up.  And also just in case we are in the mall and they decide to go some place else with the helper.  So there.

The reason behind this situation I am in is because my ever-so-understanding and supportive, sweet husband of mine sort of agreed and gave in to my thought.  I just told him about it.  I SWEAR I did not tell him, not even expect him to give in.

On one of the many occassions that I think randomly, I told him that since the iPhone 4 white is already available here (meaning to say, no need to unlock iphone) maybe it is possible that he can have the black one and we can let go of his current iPhone 3G then I can have the iPhone 4 in white.

Little did I know that he actually my found my proposition good. Haha.

And may I just add that my life is so much harder when I do not have an iPhone with me! My Project 365 is close to non-existent.  My life is so boring without my iPhone by my side. :(

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