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12 July 2011

86 // Apple Devices

From my immediate previous post and all other posts I have published here, maybe it's safe to assume that I am such an Apple fangirl.

I never get contented with whatever Apple product I have.  It's just so hard for me not to lust over such gadgets.

Well, first off, I have always been a gadget-type of girl. When I was in college and even earlier, apart from the usual fashion magazines that I collect , to which up to now, I cannot manage to throw away or even dare fold a page (que horror!), you would always find me reading magazines related to technology.

Ask me anything about technology, I will be able to answer you with full of passion. Honest.
And most likely, I can tell you if there is any truth to those iDevice Rumors.
There goes that "i" again being affixed to any word.  Just like when people say iTouch.

My gosh! Major Pet peeve!  Can somebody tell me, which page in the Apple website did it say Apple iTouch?! It's an iPOD TOUCH! Geez..

Oh well.. I can go on and on but not right now since I do not have access to my Flickr account. I am currently in the office *snicker*.  I cannot blog well without photos... :(

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