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12 July 2011

87// Plastic Surgery

A little over a week ago, for several days, ze husband and I had a lot of conversations whether via phone call, Skype, and even SMS.

I would say that all of our conversations from that period are the best.  Like they are now included in my most favorites.  I will be cheesy enough to say that ALL my conversations with him , no matter how short or long, small or big topics, they are my favorites.  But of course, there are what we call TOP favorites. Hahaha.

But anyway, going back...

During the height of Angelicopter's ad/ billboard, of course I had to keep ze husband updated.  We both used to always listen to this morning show she hosts with Mo Twister.  I told him that she had her breasts augmented 2 years after giving birth. And all that jazz.

So I randomly asked him, "What if, I get mine done too?" Now now, but in the future once we are financially-ready for it.

He is not the type to reject any of my ideas.  Another little thing I love about him.  He's really a supportive husband.  So hard to find somebody like him. He's almost perfect for me. Hehe. And no, I doubt if he reads my blog.

His response to me was so cute, "You might look too young and single."
Super laugh trip!  When he told me that, in no wya did I feel rejected.  I did not even feel any bit of annoyance.  I did not even sense if he was jealous or too paranoid. 

The way he said it, it was just too sweet and in Filipino! 
His tone was more like worried but not too serious and with a cute tone.  As in!  It' still in my head.

He went on and on how much satisfied he is of how my body is right now and that it really didn't matter to him how my breasts look like after giving birth.  He just wanted them to be natural and "age" with me.

But anyway, I will still pitch the idea to him (and let him know about probably when he gets home next year. Good Lord! Next year! May of 2012 to be exact!

But really, this conversation was ONE OF THE BEST we've had so far since we got together 11 years ago.

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