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03 July 2011

I Have No Excuse This Time

I got too busy with work plus the kids this past week.
Plus I feel so incomplete without my Flickr by my aid when posting here.

Haha, at work, Flickr or any form of photo hosting site is restricted. That's just sad.

My one and only OB-Gyne is....

Dra. Sheila Jane Labrador-Illescas. She is popularly known as the President and CEO of In My Womb.

Heehee, in short, she is the owner of all branches.

I love her!! And I'm saying that not because of the possibility that she is reading this.
I really, really , really love her.

DISCLAIMER: I do not want this to be a testimonial.  I'm not a big fan of forums and threads and sort of "forcing" my experience or opinions on other people.  I'm not a big fan of "sis" terms in forums. That's one of the reasons why I abhor reading forums. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. I'm MAARTE like that.

But anyway, when I met her, she gave me a new impression towards doctors.  She and her husband, Dr. Joie Illescas. 

Let's just say that IN EVERY SINGLE appointment, I was never disappointed.

Time and time again, this is based on my experience, my mom's and my two sisters. Different folks, different strokes.

I will stop talking now.
Let's just put it this way, whenever I am asked about pregnancy, childbirth, consultations, I will always share my experience with full enthusiasm.

In fact, I urge all pregnant women I encounter to check out In My Womb. Not really for promotion of the brand but really just to share my experience with it.

I will stop right there.

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