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17 July 2011


Ok,  consider me a late-bloomer.

Because it's never my thing to like on songs or videos that are so current, forgive me if I have only discovered this video now.

It made me cry!

I have a really, really soft spot for stories where one dies.  It really just breaks my heart.  I get so sad and I sort of feel the "pain" of losing someone.

Yes, maybe I could consider it as one of biggest fears. Losing the one you truly love.

 I don't like fighting. Who does, anyway?
I've always thought that fighting will not do any good in any couple.  I feel like fighting only breeds pride.

And if you will ask me, I think PRIDE is the worst enemy. You don't want that in any relationship.  Pride makes you stop apologizing, sometimes pride can make you stop loving a person.  Pride makes you stop wanting to listen.

When my sweet husband and I weren't married yet, I had to always battle with his pride.

He was being too much of a man when we were 16 , there was too much pride in him.

But you know what, I saw that he slowly improved.  Back then, when I saw good changes in him, I didn't take notice of it too much.  I fear that my noticing would only make him conscious and go back to his old self.

How I changed him is not a mystery to us.  I thought that I just had to shower him with a lot of love ♥♥♥. As in a LOT of it.  The type where you almost forget about yourself just to make sure that he realizes how much loved he is.

Not too long after, he changed ON HIS OWN.  I didn't need to force him to change into somebody else.
☛  I thought back then that if we didn't end up together, at least he will be the person he wants himself to be and not because of somebody else.

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