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05 July 2011

Quick Update

At this point, I basically base my blog topics on whatever is the latest photo that's uploaded in my Flickr account-- sew (as in "so") that means I'm waaaaaaay, waaaaaay, waaaaaay backlogged!!!  Irresponsible! Procrastinator!!

Hay, the thing is, real life takes over me.  I do admit, that most of the time, if not all the time, I really prefer to just cuddle with my kiddies and hear their stories for the day.  We call it, The Evening Report.

So anyway, lemme just share this fetcher's ID from Monica's school. I don't even know if "fetcher" is a word.  But whatever..

IMG_1265 edit

And you all know how we are such a cele-bitchy family that I had to cover all important details that would lead to our sprawling estate here in Makati City.  We don't want any paps guarding and capturing our every move.  Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

SO, yah, there. I don't wanna tell a story because it's not gonna be a quick update anymore.

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