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17 August 2011

Day 1 of Project Social

I woke up 8:15 today. Darn it! I might be late again for work! So I hurry to the bathroom and take a bath as fast as I can.  Yes I can take a bath quickly as long as I want to. And by quick, I mean 15 minutes and that includes 5 minutes of brushing my teeth. 

It helps a lot that I don't wear makeup. I still refuse consideing I'm 27 years old already.  Time and time again in this blog, in all my other blogs that I will never forget the day I passed by Shue Uemura station in Rustan's


Beautiful makeup starts with good skin. 

And I couldn't agree more.


Going back...

Yes! I made it to office in the nick of time. I left the house 8:32am and made it to my desk 9:04 am.

I say, Good job, Lil! Ahahahaha!

So I check on my work emails and all that jazz.

Of course, in order for me to be energetic and actually effective for the day, I have to check on my dose of websites I need to check daily.  Take note of the word, NEED.


I log in to Facebook, no notifications or whatever although I see 2 events that need my attention and response.  Still thjnking on those two.

Then I need to log in to Hotmail, my bestfriend migt be online and she might have someting to ask me. I need to be online there!

Then there's my Blogger account and also my Posterous which would be a big help. I love the AUTOPOST feature fo Posterous. Makes my life so much easier.

Now let me, go on with my work life for a moment and squeeze everything else in between for the next 8 hours.

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