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20 August 2011

Feelin' So Good

I do NOT like Jennifer Lopez especially now that she has gained her popularity back. I like her songs from her 1st and 2nd albums.
I especially dislike the fact that there is too much fuss for her hips and butt. I don't find big butt sexy. But that's just me.

But this has got to be my ULTIMATE favorite song. It brings me ONLY the good memories.

The reasons why I love, love, love, love, love, love this song so, so, so, so, so much--now you believe how much I love the song? Hahaha.

So yah, the reasons why are because of the beat, the theme, and MOST importantly, because then boyfriend, now ze husband used to use this as his charm on me.

He knows (until now.. present tense, nga diba?! hahaha) how much I love the song so he taught himself how to beatbox it.

So what happens is, whenever we'd get into super petty fights, all he had to do was sit or lay down beside me and beatbox his way into my heart. Hahahaha!!!!  This happened several times over the course of our 10 year ongoing relationship.

I love my guy so much. So much.

Here's a photo of us on my 22nd birthday..ooh.. Sounds too long ago. Blech!
We treated our family in a bar. Finally! Night out with my lover without curfew! Hahaha!!
April 2006. Just married.

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