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21 August 2011

My 806th Post

My, oh my!

Unbelievable that I already have 800+ posts.  Crazy number since I talk about almost the same stuff. Before getting up from bed, I was thinking, this blog has really more been an online diary sharing too much information at times.  I was just thinking if this should be somehow re-profiled and be more informative. I don't know.. Whatever goes.

But anyway, here is a photo of me and my little girl from June.  One of the first few photos we took using what ze husband bought for us.
Mon Jun 13 07:23:08 -0700 2011
In Starbucks | Monica Day
And another with both my kiddies, who, hands down, are the best kids in the world! My sisters always tell me that I'm so lucky with my kids.  They are so matured, cooperative, thoughtful, well-mannered, and all that jazz.
Fri Jun 17 08:31:56 -0700 2011
Best Buddies

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