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21 August 2011

Splash Island

Just because I am feeling so down these past weeks, I wanna immerse myself with fun times I had with my love.

With my sister

When I found out we were going to Splash Island, I was sort of discouraged. I mean what's so fun about it? I figured there were too many people there.

Surprisingly, we actually had fun.  I must say I enjoyed it with my lover and kids.  The slides were so much fun.
Seriously, those slides were terrifying and I wouldn't have done those if ze husband wasn't with me.  Not to be mushy about it and I know for a fact that ze husband wasn't in control of what can happen, but I somehow felt safe because I did it with him.

Monica with her cousins

In the wave pool

And because I wasn't really focused in going to Splash Island, I packed last minute. As in 30 minutes before leaving. And because of that, look at me!!
My top has stripes and stars then I foolishly packed this skimpy polka dot shorts. Haha. And it's orange!

Just to show y'all how brave I was..
I did this. (ok, the video is not ours, this the most decent I could find). This is probably one of the most daring things I have done since graduating from college aka adventure years.

Yikes, I can't find any more photos. They are buried hundred of pages deep in my Flickr.
Sorry 'bout that!

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