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01 November 2011

Back to Basics

Ok, let me start this blogorrhea with something I have so much attachment to.

Well, I'm like that with any kind of song that i love. I feel so much for a song simply because I can somehow relate it to my life. Well, hello there, EMO Lil. Hahaha!

Nah, never. Far from it. I may be emotional but not gothic emo.
And you know I'm back to blogging when I start to type things that are totally unrelated.
I get so excited when I type. I type whatever enters my mind. So please excuse the usual typographical errors.
Ahahahaha!!! Yah, laughing by myself is a sign too.

Anyway, let me share this song...

♫♫♫ I wish that I was making love with you tonight... Babe, you're all that's missing to make it all just right. ♬♬♬♬♬

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