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01 November 2011

Bed Thoughts

In a home, my favorite rooms would be bed/bathroom.

I can live without a living room. Haha.

Anyway, I love looking at photos for some inspiration (feeling artsy) in the future (home).

Here are some of photos I grabbed from various websites. Mostly from Pottery Barn. Don't you just love that site? Haaay...

I love it that there is still storage space under the bed and that platform at the foot of the bed

This next one has a nice concept but will definitely not work for us. We are very wild (read: malikot) in bed. No malice there. Plus the kids get rowdy so the bed will just keep falling on either side.


This would work, I think. As long as it won't make a creaking sound after a few months. I hate creaking sounds! It's so weird hearing such sounds anytime of the day whatever type of activity.


This one looks promising but it's a bit high. We might fall off. And kids might have to sleep with us sometimes. Dangerous! Even if we make them stay in the middle, their bodies find a way of going all around the bed. Que horror if they fall!


Yes to padded headboard!


This, I like too!


There are more in my files but this should be enough for now. :)

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