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04 August 2012


The resurrection of this blog also brings about thoughts of what direction this blog will take.  I am now in my twenty-something and I think it's no longer proper to discuss shallow stuff in this blog.

But a part of me also thinks, why will I change the mood of this space when I only post what is real for me--how I really am.  If I change that, i feel like I will be a fake.

This blog is all about keeping it real. But not too self-centered anymore--I hope. Haha!!
Some realizations here and there won't hurt.

I'm a shallow person--I get amused with the littlest things. I cry over cartoons and almost about anything.  But I also engage in deep thoughts with myself and with a few of my friends and with my husband too.  So I'm not losing hope. I have faith in myself that I will not be totally shallow in this blog.

Here's photo to welcome me back here.
Same photo I used when I welcomed myself back in Instagram after my hiatus with Christian Grey.

Welcoming myself back in Instagram!! Hahaha.

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