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04 August 2015

Mateo is Turning 8!

So I can't believe my second-born is turning 8 this Saturday!

I can't say that it feels like as if it was just yesterday when I gave birth to him--coz that would be lying! Hahaha.  But boy, time does REALLY fly by when you have kids!

I've always said that having Mateo was one of those pleasant surprises that I/ we received from God.

It's no secret that I have always wanted to marry early-- yup! like 16 yrs old young!
With that, I was sort of day dreaming already of the wedding and my life after that.  I recall wishing I'd get married by August 8, 2008 or 08.08.08 because I thought that was such a lucky number.

Well, what do you know, I got married waaay before that because I found myself too old by 2008.
So I got married in 2006.

With one of my goals achieved and giving birth to my first-born, Monica in 2007, I remembered my 08.08.08 goals.  I started nagging my husband, N of what we can do on that very specific day that we will remember forever.  I was nagging him of going somewhere, putting up a business, or whatever life-changing decision there is.

Lo and behold, on Monica's 6th month, I noticed a VERY drastic drop of my breastmilk supply.  I was still exclusively breastfeeding her that time and was doing BLW (baby-led weaning) while I was at work.  Come January 2008, as I was already having this gut-feel that something was up.  All my researches, reading on low breastmilk supply and all other signs were pointing me to being PREGNANT!

As I didn't want to make matters worse, I decided to have a check-up, and yes--- I was indeed pregnant.

I later on realized that breastfeeding as contraception simply did not work once a baby reaches 6mos because she is no longer dependent on your milk-- so the body does not supply enough hormones similar to that of a birth control pill.

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