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01 August 2015

Off To A New Start

As to how many times I tried to resurrect my blog-- I've lost count already. 

Real life took over and I found it impossible to maintain my site like the way I used to when I was staying at home with my babies.

There's the kids growing up, me going back to work, trying to lead my kids as both mother and father since N, my husband was away.

Plus the fact that the idea of blogging went on a whole new level once 2010 entered.  Celebrities were doing it already for extra mileage.  All of a sudden there were "fashion" bloggers who started dominating the first row during fashion festivals/ weeks across the globe.

 To be honest, I found it hard to sort of blend in or how to be able to create my own mark in the blogosphere.

I was still within the realm of web-logging; trying to document my life one day at a time--if sponsors knock, well and good, if not, then it's okay.  It was a challenge on how I would be able to keep up.  I figured I would be just some web space revealing too much info online.

It was a lot of things that caused me to hold back.

But enough of that.

I'm here again, no longer in my 20s. OUCH! Hahaha.  
I still have sense of humor, still have so much sarcasm and SO MUCH stuff I can say about anything and everything.

I guess now, I have to be more careful (I'd like to tackle that on a different post--perhaps tomorrow?! Hahahaha) and try to post more valuable information to the public rather than just telling my life stories.

Cheers to me! 

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